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From: Sifu Chuck O’Neill

Dear Wing Chun Student,

Sifu-Chuck-with-Wooden-DummyWant to learn the Wooden Dummy (Muk Yan Chong) form but don’t know where to start? Don’t have a credible instructor to learn from? Frustrated by videos that show you the moves – but don’t really teach you what YOU need to know to master the form?

The Wooden Dummy form is one of the best ways to bring a new level of practical application to your Wing Chun training. It enhances your footwork, positioning, angles, structures, blending and forward energy. It’s also a great way to train with a ‘partner’ who never gets tired and is always there to challenge you.

But it’s also incredibly complex.

If you’re doing it the proper way, there are actually 108 techniques to this form that all blend together in sequence.

So if you’re trying to learn it from a book it can be virtually impossible to learn it properly.  (Even if you’re trying to learn it in class, it’s very difficult and can take you months and months of training).

There’s just too much going on at once for you to learn the footwork, movement, positioning and hand movements all at once. You’ve got to break it down and have someone teach you step-by-step if you want to really learn it the right way.

Now you can – with my Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Form Training video series!

wooden dummy video



In this 2-video training course you’re going to learn all the secrets of the form – so that you can master it for yourself!


“I have been learning wing chun from Sifu Chuck for nearly one year now and find his dvd’s most helpful and benefited from them, and I have been doing the wooden dummy form video for 7 months now and learned a lot, I enjoy doing wing chun and I’m grateful to have a teacher like Sifu Chuck to learn from.” – Jim Mackinnon
“After about 7 years of Martial arts training I have had a few teachers. I must say that Sifu Chuck is the best I have come in contact with. He doesn’t hold anything back when it comes to knowledge of the martial arts he teaches, and he definitely knows his stuff. The small things that most instructors leave out are the things that amaze me the most. From where you lay your focus for stability, to how you deliver power when punching. The way he is able to explain things is second to none.” – Joe Landry, B.C., Canada


As a Wing Chun instructor and 3rd generation of Yip Man, I am always looking for new ways to help my students (both online and in physical classes) to learn. This video was specially designed to help you do just that. We cover the entire form step-by step – you’ll even get tips on what to watch out for and common mistakes that I see students make.

These videos break the form down into 8 different sections – with each section broken down into fine details, fast and slow filming, footwork explanations and different camera angles. So you can start with the first section and really master it before moving on to the next section.

Wooden Dummy Video Training From Home

Here’s just an overview of what you’ll get with this 2 video set:

  • 8 Different sections of the Wooden Dummy Form
  • Each section is filmed slowly (to help you learn) and at enhanced speed (to give you a sense of how it looks when mastered)
  • Footwork details for each section
  • Key details for performing movements including how to maximize your power generation
  • Common mistakes to avoid
  • And much more…

Plus the Rarely Found “Empty-Dummy” Form!

Not only that – but these videos also include the rarely seen “Empty-Dummy” form. So even if you don’t have a wooden dummy to train on, you can still learn without it. This is really hard to find but my students wanted it so I decided to put it in there.


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How else is this video different?


Wing Chun Dummy Footwork
wooden dummy form video


As you probably know, I film all of my videos with 2 different colored arm bands to make it easier to track and follow your proper arm position. I also film from 2 different angles. Well, to make it even easier for you to follow, in this video, I also color-coded the dummy arms and filmed from several different angles in order to give you more of a 3-D type of training video experience.

So it’s even easier to pick out the movements and see which arm goes where. To the best of my knowledge, there are NO OTHER VIDEOS that do this.

You also get detailed instructions on the footwork as well as you can see above.

The easy-reference menu allows you to be in control and select exactly what you want to learn, when you want to learn and the ability to resume from where you left off.





wooden dummy videoVideo #1:

Section 1A
Section 1B
Section 1A&B Full Sequence
100% Speed
80% Speed
60% Speed
Section 1A&B Details
Section 1A&B Footwork
Section 2
Section 2 Full Sequence
100% Speed
80% Speed
60% Speed
Section 2 Details
Section 2 Footwork
Section 3
Section 3 Full Sequence
100% Speed
80% Speed
60% Speed
Section 3 Details
Section 3 Footwork
Section 4
Section 4 Full Sequence
100% Speed
80% Speed
60% Speed
Section 4 Details
Section 4 Footwork
Section 1to4 Full Speed
100% Speed
80% Speed
60% Speed
Empty Dummy Form Section 1-4

Video #2:

wooden-dummy-videoSection 5
Section 5 Full Sequence
100% Speed
80% Speed
60% Speed
Section 5 Details
Section 5 Footwork
Section 6
Section 6 Full Sequence
100% Speed
80% Speed
60% Speed
Section 6 Details
Section 6 Footwork
Section 7
Section 7 Full Sequence
100% Speed
80% Speed
60% Speed
Section 7 Details
Section 7 Footwork
Section 8
Section 8 Full Sequence
100% Speed
80% Speed
60% Speed
Section 8 Details
Section 8 Footwork
Section 5-8 Full Sequence
100% Speed
80% Speed
60% Speed
Empty Dummy Form Section 5-8
Complete Form



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“Dear Sifu, I just wanted to say thank you for your videos and answering my questions when I had one. Me and my dad found a place that teaches Wing Chun in our town. We quickly found out that learning from you has boosted us up in the class. If it wasn’t for you and the way you teach we wouldn’t be where were at. I think your understanding of the art and teaching is far above any one we have seen. We are so thankful that we found your site.” – Michael Lewis, Texas



By now you might be wondering…

Who Am I and What Can I Teach You About Wing Chun?

Great question! You want to make sure you’re learning effective Chi Sau from a qualified teacher – someone who has extensive teaching experience, “real world” experience – and the proper training himself.

Frankly, there are a lot of people today touting themselves as “Wing Chun Teachers” that have never taught a single student, let alone mastered the true art of authentic Hong Kong Wing Chun themselves. Learning from them could get you killed in a street fight.

Here’s a quick rundown of my proven track record:

  • I am a certified Sifu, founder and head instructor of the Wing Chun school, Revolution Wing Chun Kung Fu that is taught in Markham, Kitchener-Waterloo and Mississauga, Ontario Canada.
  • I am a third generation instructor of the Great Grandmaster Yip Man (Ip Man). The lineage is Yip Man > Moy Yat > Nelson Chan > Myself ( Chuck O’ Neill )
  • I’ve had the pleasure of training at the Inosanto Academy, and privately with my Wing Chun SiBok (Uncle) Gary Lam in California.
  • I bring over 25 years of practical hands on training expertise to these videos as I’ve been training in Martial arts since age 8. This training has included Tae Kwon Do, Kosho Ryu Kenpo, Filipino Kali, Yan style Tai Chi Chuan and Wing Chun.
  • I’ve taught countless students from all walks of life in the art of Wing Chun over the past 8 years and continue to spend every day practicing and teaching.
  • I’m also a Former CDT/LRT Master Tactical Instructor (through the Tom Patire Group) and a Former ITC Certified Advanced Executive and Close Quarter Protection Specialist through the International Training Commission (a.k.a. Certified Bodyguard).
  • I have experience in Security and Protection work which includes providing Executive Protection to UFC Fighters Heath Herring & Chuck Liddell at events.
  • I regularly speak to groups about personal protection and self defense – and I’m co-author of the book “Psychological Self Defense – How To Protect Yourself From Predators, Criminals and Sociopaths Before They Attack”


Sifu Chuck Private Training Camp
Sifu Chuck with Students


My main passion in life is to help people learn Wing Chun Self Defense – whether that’s through training in my classes, privately or online.

That’s why I spend so much time filming these videos in the easiest format that I can come up with to help my students learn!



“Sifu Chuck O’Neill is one of the most talented martial arts instructors I’ve met. He knows his stuff and will help you progress quickly to your goals.” – Guro Ash Tamachi, Tamachi Style Arnis Maro Mari



The best part of these 2 videos?

They can be Downloaded To Your Computer in Minutes!

These videos are in MP4 Format – which means you can download them to your computer and start learning in minutes! From there you can also use your iTunes program to transfer them over to your iPhone or iPad for on-the-go training.

Let me make this clear: once you’ve purchased them, these videos are YOURS. You don’t need to sign in to someone’s membership site to watch them (and take a chance they won’t be there tomorrow!) You don’t need to be connected to the Internet to watch them every time (just once for the initial download).

You can watch them anytime, anywhere on your computer or mobile device.


wooden dummy video




To learn what these videos contain would take you months – and hundreds of dollars – to learn in a Wing Chun class (provided you can find a quality instructor that you want to learn from.) And if you wanted to do private training with me to learn the Dummy Form, it would cost roughly $1200+ depending on your learning curve.

But for a limited time I’m offering the “Wooden Dummy Form 2-Video Training” set for $84.95 only $59.95

Plus, to help give you an even better foundation to learn the Wooden Dummy Form, I’m offering you 4 special bonuses when you buy today:




Bonus #1 – Wing Chun 101
bonus1 Want more background on Wing Chun? This guide gives you an overview of the beautiful art of Wing Chun – with everything a student needs to know including:
  • What is Wing Chun?
  • An overview of the Wing Chun self-defense system
  • The hidden history behind the art – and why there’s so much confusion today!
  • 6 reasons why Wing Chun gives you the advantage
  • 5 things to look for in a quality Wing Chun teacher



Bonus #2 – Psychological Self Defense
bonus4 Ever wanted to protect yourself against predators, criminals and sociopaths before they strike? Inside this 2-chapter excerpt from the original book, you will gain the clear advantage over them:
  • The demystifying truth about psychological self-defense
  • How to spot the 4 different types of attacks you may face in a dangerous situation
  • How to stop an attack before it happens – and why you want to
  • The 5 different types of attackers – and how each one should be handled
  • The anatomy of an attack
  • What physically happens to you when attacked – and how to work with it – instead of against it!


Bonus #3 – Wing Chun in the Movies
bonus2 I love watching Martial Arts movies. But it can be challenging to find Wing Chun in the movies because it’s so fast and effective (so it may not film as well as the more ‘flowery’ arts). This special report will show you:
  • Where can you find authentic Wing Chun in the movies today – including where to find the best Wooden Dummy sequences!
  • Discover 11 movies that feature Wing Chun
Bonus #4 – 5 Killer Tips to Help You Dominate In Chi Sau
 bonus3  Cut through all the hype and discover how to improve your Chi Sau in leaps and bounds with this report. Skyrocket your Chi Sau skills and sensitivity with these 5 tips!
  • The secret, almost automatic way to move your feet that will have your opponent scrambling to keep up
  • A strange (but effective) way to use your hands against your opponent
  • The single biggest mistake that beginners make with opponents and how to avoid making it.
  • How changes in the way you roll will eliminate new openings for your opponent
  • “Insider” secrets that make sure your opponent doesn’t know what you’re going to do next


I’m so convinced that you’ll find this the easiest, most extensive Wooden Dummy training course you’ve ever tried that I’m offering you my personal guarantee…



An Incredibly Generous “Solid Guarantee” You Can Count On

Guarantee : This new video-enhanced training comes with a no-questions-asked 60 day money back guarantee. If for any reason, you decide these videos aren’t right for you, just contact me by email at any time within 60 days, and I’ll refund your purchase. That means you have TWO full months to put me to the test — all the risk is squarely resting on my shoulders!


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Sifu Chuck O’Neill

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