Looking for a Quality Martial Arts Affiliate Program?

Make 50% Commission Selling Wing Chun Videos From Your Website!

  • Do you have a Martial Arts blog, forum, e-zine, client list or online newsletter?
  • Do you run pay per click campaigns or other affiliate marketing programs?
  • Are your readers interested in learning about Wing Chun, Chi Sau, Drills or Wing Chun forms?

Whether you’re an experienced online affiliate marketer, Martial Arts entrepreneur or just want to make some extra money to supplement your existing income, the Learn Wing Chun Online affiliate program (through Clickbank) is a great way to do this.

You can make 50% of each sale of any or all Wing Chun downloadable videos from this site – (that’s up to $49 per sale)! All you do is refer people to this website using your special affiliate link!   Here are some details:

What is an Affiliate Program?

An affiliate program is a revenue sharing program where you – the affiliate – promote products via your website, social networking site (like Facebook), newsletter ad or mailing list. When people click through your affiliate link and buy, you get a commission – it’s that easy.

You, as the affiliate, never have to deal with product development, delivery, questions, complaints or other customer service issues. Affiliate programs are a great way to help website owners generate income from their websites or e-mailing lists.  They’re also a great way to add value to your customers by referring them to quality instructional training videos!

How Does An Affiliate Program Work?

LearnWingChunOnline.com uses Clickbank, one of the largest, most reliable affiliate tracking 3rd party networks in the world. You sign up with Clickbank (it’s free) and get your affiliate links to LearnWingChunOnline (we’ll show you how below).

Then post these links on your website, facebook page, news ad or promote them to your newsletter list.

When people click your link and buy from this website, you get 50% commission on whatever they buy, whether it’s 1 video or all 7! If they buy both Level 1 and 2 Bundle Videos for example that’s (99.95 + 84.95) x 0.5 = $92.45 for you!

How Does Clickbank Work?

Clickbank is a trusted, secure 3rd party credit card processing company that also handles the tracking for our affiliate program. (Your commission checks are mailed out directly from Clickbank or deposited directly in your bank account every 2 weeks ). If you’re not a member of Clickbank already you must first sign up with Clickbank (It’s completely free).

On the Clickbank sign up page, you can fill in your payment details and pick your own unique Clickbank account nickname (also called a Clickbank ID or “CBID”). You’ll need to remember this ID (account nickname) to get your affiliate link below.

After you’ve set up your Clickbank account, then you’re ready to start promoting these videos through your special affiliate tracking links (also called hoplinks).

Click Here to Get Your Affiliate link

(Note: You must have already joined Clickbank and know your Clickbank ID – also called your account nickname – to get your affiliate link this way)

Once you have your unique affiliate link from clickbank, just start promoting it to your list or on your website and start making sales!

Another Way to Get Your Affiliate Tracking Link:

Take the following link:


Replace “XXXXX” with your unique Clickbank ID – and use this as your affiliate link. So for example if your Clickbank ID is “martialartsbob”, you unique affiliate link to promote would be


 How To Promote Sifu Chuck’s Wing Chun Videos And Make Money:

#1 Through Your Website or Blog

If you have a martial arts or Wing Chun related website, you can post your affiliate links on your website. You can post banners (see below) or text links.

Probably the most effective way to promote the videos is to write an article reviewing the videos and telling your visitors why you like them.

(Please note that if you have a well known, high traffic wing chun or martial arts website contact me for a special deal on the videos).

#2 Tell Your Mailing List

If you have a mailing list that is martial arts or Wing Chun related, tell them about these videos and include your affiliate link in the email.

#3 Pay Per Click Search Engines

You can promote these videos through Pay Per Click Search engines like Yahoo/Bing or Google. Popular keyword terms would be:

Wing Chun

Ving Tsun

Wing Chun Video

Wing Chun Videos

Ving Tsun Video

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Wing Chun Techniques

Wing Chun Video Clips

Learn Wing Chun

Learn Ving Tsun

Wing Chun Online

#4 Through Your Facebook or Social Networking Page

Bought the videos and like them? Then place your affiliate link on your Social Networking page to tell others that you like these videos. If they buy through your link, you make money!

There are many other ways to promote LearnWingChunOnline.com. We’ll be adding more affiliate tools like articles and banners for you to use in the future so keep checking back!

Partner With Sifu Chuck and Learn Wing Chun Online!

There are lots of other ways to promote Sifu Chuck’s videos with your affiliate link. Here are just a few ideas.

Interview Sifu Chuck for your radio show or online TV show – then post the video on Youtube with your affiliate link at the bottom.

Do a video review of Sifu Chuck’s videos and post it on Youtube or your website with your affiliate link included. We will even consider posting your review on our customer review pages or on the SifuChuck.com website under certain conditions!

Write an article on Wing Chun and send it out to article websites like ezinearticles.com or goarticles.com with a link to your website (and your affiliate link) at the bottom of the article.

Submit an original article to us. We will accept well-written, useful Wing Chun or martial arts related articles for our newsletter distribution or for Sifu Chuck’s blog- certain conditions apply.

 Banners You Can Use To Promote Sifu Chuck’s Videos:

You can use any of the following banners on your website to promote your affiliate links. Everything is zipped up. Just download this zip file, unzip and place them on your site.


YouTube Videos You Can Use To Promote  These Videos:

 You can use any of the following YouTube videos on your website to promote your affiliate links. Just copy the embed url below each of the videos and paste the html code onto yoursite.















Commonly Asked Questions:

#1 How do I deeplink to Sifu Chuck’s different product offerings with Clickbank?

Unfortunately Clickbank makes deeplinking to different products pretty difficult. Right now your main affiliate link will go to our home page at www.learnwingchunonline.com that lists all the product options. People can then choose which product they like from there.

However if you do want to deeplink to a specific product page, you can try doing this (it’s a bit advanced):

Make a separate page on your website with this html code in it:

<div style=”display:
<embed src=’http://YOURAFFILIATEIDHERE.wingchunco.hop.clickbank.net’
width=’1′ height=’1′></embed>

So for example, if your affiliate ID was wingchunbob and you wanted to send people to the Level Two Video Bundle page, the code on your page would look like this:

<div style=”display:
<embed src=’http://wingchunbob.wingchunco.hop.clickbank.net’
width=’1′ height=’1′></embed>

When you send people to this page on your website, it will redirect them through your affiliate link to the product page you specify on the learnwingchunonline.com website

Please Note: This seems to be working for now however I can’t vouch for this method as things are always changing. If you’re worried at all, I’d suggest you use your regular affiliate link from Clickbank.

#2 How much money can I make with Sifu Chuck’s Affiliate program?

The options are endless. However, just to break it down for you, you get 50% commission (less Clickbank’s processing fees) on any of the videos (including video bundle packages) on this website.

So if someone buys the Sil Lim Tao Forms video at $29.95 you’ll get approximately ($29.95 – Clickbank processing fee) x 0.50 = $13 – $14 (this also depends on the currency conversion).

If someone you refer buys the the Level 1 Bundle package you’ll get ($84.95 – processing fee) x 0.50 = $38 – $39.

If someone you refer buys both the Level 1 and 2 Bundle packages you’ll make ($84.95 + 99.95 – processing fee) x .50 = $90

If someone buys both Level 1, Level 2 and the Biu Ji form you’ll make over $100!

#3 Is there another way to partner with Sifu Chuck besides the affiliate program?

Yes!  Do you have a quality product our visitors would be interested in? Talk to us about joint venturing!

Or talk to us about hosting Sifu Chuck for an in-person seminar at your Wing Chun or martial arts school. Your seminar attendees will get special pricing on Sifu Chuck’s videos – and you will get a referral fee as well!

If you are interested in joint venturing with Sifu Chuck in any of these ways, please contact us here